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Steve Bassett

Office: 217-942-5408

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Steve Bassett

Treasury and Risk Management /VP

Steve has more than 25 years of St. Louis financial and banking experience, most notably 12 years with Southwest Bank. He received his B.S. in accounting from the University of Missouri, his MBA from Saint Louis University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Cheryl Brock

Office: 217-942-9308

Mobile: 217-248-2326

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Cheryl Brock

Human Resources Officer/VP

Cheryl started her human resources career in 1989, and has been with Carrollton Bank since 1999. Her customers are the employees of Carrollton Bank, and she strives to make their work lives a little easier so they can focus on their bank customers. Cheryl helps us find all the great people you'll find at Carrollton Bank.

Ken Downey

Office: 314-965-1335

Mobile: 314-496-6048

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Ken Downey

Credit Administration/VP

Ken went to St. Mary's High School and received his Bachelors Degree from St. Louis University. He's been in banking since 1984, and joined Carrollton Bank in 1999. Ken is in charge of Credit Administration and assists the bank on special credit-related projects.

Stosha Flowers

Office: 217-942-5409 x4071

Mobile: 217-491-0535

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Stosha Flowers

Information Systems Manager

Stosha is a native of Carrollton, Illinois, and holds a finance degree from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Stosha joined Carrollton Bank in 2005, after working at Jersey State Bank for 5 years. As Information Systems Manager, Stosha provides expert technical support to ensure that her coworkers have access to the account programs necessary to serve our customers.

Tom Hough

Office: 217-942-5108

Mobile: 217-248-2589

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Tom Hough

Chief Executive Officer

Tom is a native of Carrollton, Illinois, graduated from the University of Illinois College of Business in 1973, and now resides with his family in St. Louis. He's spent his entire career at Carrollton Bank and was named Chairman and CEO in 1988. Tom is the fifth generation of his family to lead the bank, which was founded in Carrollton in 1877 by his great-great grandfather.

Suzanne Hough

Office: 314-863-8844

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Suzanne Hough

Community Development Officer

Suzanne started with Carrollton Bank in 1982, after graduating from Millikin University. She's responsible for developing and managing our community outreach efforts.

Mary Kirbach

Office: 217-942-5409 x4053

Mobile: 618-946-5407

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Mary Kirbach

Head Compliance Officer/Head Trust Officer

Mary received her law degree from St. Louis University in 1992 and was in private practice in Jerseyville until she was elected Jersey County State's Attorney in 2000. Mary joined the Carrollton Bank team in the Spring of 2005 as Compliance Officer, and now also serves customers as a Trust Officer.

James McGauley

Office: 314-965-0750

Mobile: 314-591-1005

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James McGauley

Senior Lender/EVP

James earned his business degree from the University of Missouri and his Master's from Webster University. He has been providing all types of commercial lending and deposit services to his customers for over 20 years.

Larry Newberry

Office: 314-965-0926

Mobile: 314-308-7562

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Larry Newberry

Credit Risk Management /SVP

Larry received his degree from Arkansas State University and his Master's degree from Louisiana State. He has been in banking for over 25 years and with Carrollton Bank since 2005.

Rochelle Niedringhaus, CTP

Office: 314-863-5131

Mobile: 314-504-8274

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Rochelle Niedringhaus, CTP

Treasury Management /VP

Rochelle joined Carrollton Bank in 1998. She supports the Treasury Management function at all of our branches. As our resident Treasury Management expert Rochelle is responsible for making sure these services work for our commercial deposit customers.

Bill O'Neil

Office: 217-942-6892

Mobile: 314-766-5624

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Bill O'Neil

Chief Financial Officer/SVP

Bill received his B.S. in accounting from the University of Missouri – Columbia. After 15 years as a practicing CPA, he joined Carrollton Bank in 1998 as our first full-time CFO. He is responsible for the bank's financial, tax and regulatory reporting. Bill is also a member of our investment committee and oversees our investment portfolio.

Matt Poldan

Office: 314-678-2340

Mobile: 314-795-3988

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Matt Poldan

Treasury Management Support Specialist/VP

Matt grew up in a St. Louis banking family and worked for Regions Bank for six years. He joined Carrollton Bank in 2005 and assists customers with their personal and business accounts. He thoroughly enjoys working with customers and the community because it has allowed him to meet so many outstanding people.

Chris Purcell

Office: 314-678-2335

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Chris Purcell

President of Home Mortgage Lending

Chris has more than 24 years of St. Louis banking and lending experience, most recently with Central Bank. He is a longtime member of the St. Louis Mortgage Bankers Association and holds a bachelor's degree from Fontbonne University.

Jennifer Shaw

Office: 217-942-5409 x4030

Mobile: 217-248-2847

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Jennifer Shaw

Electronic Banking Administrator

Jennifer is a native of Carrollton, Illinois and holds a business degree from Western Illinois University. In April of 2007 Jennifer returned to Carrollton and joined Carrollton Bank after working for 7 years with the Hilton Hotels Corporation. As Electronic Banking Coordinator Jennifer is responsible for supporting all telephone and Internet-based banking products.

Ben Stotler

Office: 217-942-5409 x4022

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Ben Stotler

Chief Operations Officer/SVP

Ben grew up in St. Louis and holds a business degree from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. He has worked in banking since 1992, in the Retail, Lending and Operational areas. Ben is responsible for providing our people with the tools they need to serve our customers.