Name Title Phone Location
Anela Barbanell Business and Retail Banking Specialist 314-678-2340 St. Louis Hills
Steve Bassett VP-Treasury and Risk Management 217-942-5408 Headquarters
Laura Beckman Commercial Banking/VP 314-957-2117 Belleville/O'Fallon
Sarah Bertman Assistant Branch Manager 618-498-2107 Jerseyville
Mary Beth Blasko Senior Loan Representative/AVP 217-793-5064 Springfield
Megan Bresler Commercial Banking/AVP 314-957-2122 Des Peres
Cheryl Brock Human Resources Officer/VP 217-942-9308 Headquarters
Mary Buchanan Assistant Branch Manager 636-916-4463 St. Charles
Rob Burmeister Commercial Banking/VP 314-678-2340 St. Louis Hills
Kathy Carrico Carrollton Financial Advisor/AVP 618-498-5707 Alton
Phyllis Caselton Branch Manager/VP 618-498-3869 Jerseyville
Chris Collins Commercial Banking/VP 618-639-7203 Jerseyville
Chris Dickey Commercial Banking/VP 314-863-6770 Clayton
Ken Downey VP - Credit Administration 314-965-1335 Headquarters
David Duy Commercial Banking/VP 314-965-4848 Des Peres
Rick Dyer Commercial Banking/Regional Director 618-467-3088 Alton
Sandy Evans Carrollton Financial Advisor/AVP 217-942-5407 Carrollton
Jean Fields New Accounts Representative/AVP 314-957-2109 Des Peres
Stosha Flowers Information Systems Manager 217-942-5409 x4071 Headquarters
Lori Freshour Branch Manager/VP 618-467-2077 Alton
Lori Freshour SVP - Retail Banking 618-467-1700 Headquarters
Mark Ginster Branch Manager/VP 217-793-8593 Springfield
Dave Haney Commercial Banking/Regional President 217-793-1146 Springfield
Greg Heggemeier Commercial Banking/VP 618-624-1967 Belleville/O'Fallon
Tom Hough Chief Executive Officer 217-942-5108 Headquarters
Suzanne Hough Community Development Officer 314-863-8844 Headquarters
Tina Hsieh Commercial Banking/VP 314-655-3854 Clayton
Dan Jackson Commercial Banking/Regional President 618-624-1230 Belleville/O'Fallon
Matt Johannesman Commercial Banking/Regional President 636-916-4613 St. Charles
Scott Jones Commercial Banking/VP 618-467-3017 Alton
Timothy Julius Commercial Banking/VP 314-678-2335 St. Louis Hills
Alan Karcher Commercial Banking/Regional President 618-498-3779 Jerseyville
Jeri Karrick Senior Loan Representative/AVP 618-498-5025 Jerseyville
John Keller Commercial Banking/Regional President 618-467-3010 Alton
Kathy Kincaid Treasury Management Officer/VP 217-793-5071 Springfield
Mary Kirbach Head Compliance Officer/Head Trust Officer 217-942-5409 x4053 Headquarters
Mary Klunk Retail Operations Supervisor 618-498-2107 Jerseyville
Scott Larson Commercial Banking/Regional President 314-863-8850 Clayton
Deanna Loepker Branch Manager/VP 217-942-5408 Carrollton
Kevin Margeson Assistant Branch Manager 217-391-1431 Springfield
Anne Marshall Senior Loan Representative/AVP 314-957-2105 Des Peres
DeDe McDonald Commercial Credit Officer 217-793-9577 Springfield
James McGauley Senior Lender/EVP 314-965-0750 Headquarters
James McGauley Commercial Banking/Regional Director 314-965-0750 Des Peres
Pat McGuigan Senior Banker/VP 217-546-5494 Springfield
Eric Messmer Commercial Banking/SVP 314-658-4705 St. Louis Hills
Karen Mize BRANCH MANAGER/VP 314-957-2150 Des Peres
Christy Mundy Commercial Banking/VP 636-916-3329 St. Charles
Larry Newberry SVP - Credit Risk Management 314-965-0926 Headquarters
Rochelle Niedringhaus, CTP VP - Treasury Management 314-863-5131 Headquarters
Mark Niemeyer Commercial Banking/VP 314-957-2114 Des Peres
Bill O'Neil Chief Financial Officer/SVP 217-942-6892 Headquarters
Teri Patsaros Senior Loan Representative/AVP 618-467-3011 Alton
Leslie Peyton Assistant Branch Manager/AVP 314-957-2102 Clayton
Connie Phipps Senior Loan Representative/AVP 618-498-7286 Jerseyville
Matt Poldan Branch Manager/AVP 314-678-2340 St. Louis Hills
Marcia Price Assistant Branch Manager 217-942-5408 Carrollton
Jody Pund Senior Loan Representative/AVP 636-916-4618 St. Charles
Scott Rhoads Commercial Banking/Regional President 217-942-6304 Carrollton
Mike Rodgers Commercial Banking/Regional President 314-965-5336 Des Peres
Terrence Rogers VP - Mortgage Lending 314-678-2340 St. Louis Hills
Tom Ryder Senior Banker/VP Springfield
Kathy A. Schnettgoecke Loan Administration Specialist 217-942-5408 Carrollton
Dominic Seipp Commercial Banking/VP 618-624-3034 Belleville/O'Fallon
Jennifer Shaw Electronic Banking Coordinator 217-942-5409 x4030 Headquarters
Kim Smith Vice Chairman 314-965-5719 Des Peres
Lvav Spector Commercial Banking/VP 314-863-8851 Clayton
Ben Stotler Chief Operations Officer/SVP 217-942-5409 x4022 Headquarters
Shannon VanBibber Beube BRANCH MANAGER/VP 314-863-8844 Clayton
Mark Vance Commercial Banking/SVP 217-793-8696 Springfield
Judy Weller Assistant Branch Manager 618-467-1700 Alton
Mark Zoia Treasury Management Officer/Asst. Branch Manager 314-957-2123 Des Peres