HSAs, Savings and CDs

Health Savings Accounts

A Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you save on medical costs if you have a High Deductible Health Plan.1

From a tax perspective, HSAs are even better than retirement accounts, because you never pay taxes on the income you deposit into your HSA:

  • Your contributions are not taxed
  • The money grows in your account tax free
  • Withdrawals used to pay for qualified medical expenses are tax-free.

Since unused balances can be carried over from year-to-year, an HSA can also help you pay for medical expenses in retirement.

A Carrollton Bank HSA can save you or your family hundreds of dollars a year in taxes.


Savings and CDs

We’ve always tried to give our customers more value for their hard-earned money. Sometimes you may see other banks paying more. But our goal is to pay consistently good rates, day-in, day-out.

If you’re just starting to save, we have options with no fees and low minimum balances. For savers seeking more, we have a full range of CD options, as well as Money Markets.

For rates or more details, just call or stop by and we’ll help you get started.

1 For more information concerning eligibility, tax deductibility and other important issues, please consult your tax advisor.

Image of Debit Card

Use your free debit card to make payments or get cash from your HSA and savings account. You can also transfer money to or from your Free Checking Account.

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